Finding the Courage to Transcend in 2014

2014 one word

I cannot believe how many times I thought of TRANSCEND, My One Word, throughout 2014. When I wrote this post, I figured it would be fun to look back and find examples of moments I had to find the courage to transcend. What I did not realize at the time is that I set a direction for the year, challenged my learning, and forced myself to take action. All year, before I got complacent, I launched myself beyond my comfort zone in order to grow. Here’s a collection of my personal and professional development, involvement, and service. (The list is primarily for personal reflection and an artifact for my Educator Effectiveness documentation log; therefore, some links might be private)

Personal Growth and Development


  • Continuous reflection with over 40 posts on my blog


edcamphome badgeedcamp setup

Leadership, Learning and Service

  • CESA1 Personalized Learning Conference (Jan 14, 2014)–Model classroom
  • WSRA Convention (February 7, 2014) Milwaukee
  • Varsity Baseball Coach (led Varsity to a 19-win season & enjoyed a program record of 40 wins)
  • District K-12 ELA Committee (high school rep) –curriculum and instruction for reading, writing, literacy
  • Teacher Mentor Program 2014-15
  • Communication Arts Chair 2014-15 –a new role that presents challenges on an entirely different level
  • America Achieves Conference (Sept 2014, Washington DC) represented Grafton High School as part of the Global Learning Network to analyze OECD test PISA results

IMG_0594 IMG_0600

  • CESA1 Personalized Learning Conference (November 2014)
  • PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAM — planning district PD
    • Spring Academy March 2014
    • Summer Summit 2014
    • Fall Grafton Academy, August 2014
    • Winter Grafton Academy, Feb 16, 2015
    • #edcampOZ March 7, 2015 –a personal vision becoming reality
    • Summer Summit 2015

Improving our Culture of Learning Through 21st Century Practices


  • Grafton Teaching Summer Summit 2014– Facilitator


  • Identified and narrowed Department Standards
  • Grafton Academy (Aug 2014) presenter Learning Targets and Assessments
  • Instructional Practices Action Team–continuing the work as leader of last year’s Grading/Assessment Action Team
  • Founded #slowchatGSD to start professional conversations and promote collegiality in the district

photo (4)photo 2 (2)

That’s what I meant on January 6, 2014, when I committed to TRANSCEND. One year later, I am proud of my efforts, but know there is much more to accomplish in 2015. Time to find and branch out from my center, extend my learning, reach out, share more experiences, emanate positive energy, shine…sounds like my one word for 2015 has been defined.

Time to RADIATE.






  1. Joy Kirr

    “Radiate.” Sounds… shiny. Sounds… good. Sounds… like the sun. It warms, it brightens, and it’s lovely. I’m so glad you have shared your transcending moments, Brian. I look forward to seeing how you “radiate” in 2015! I’m sorry I’ll miss you at this February’s EdCampMadison… We’ll be in Houston during the week prior, and it’s just too much for us. 😦 I know you’ll radiate your positive energy there!

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