Day 1: Purpose, Direction, & Vision for the New School Year

Although September is a blur of new names, faces, community-building, responsibilities, and planning, I accept TeachThought’s challenge to blog for the opening month of school. The prompt for Day 1 is to set goals for the new school year. With my own children in mind, I establish purpose, direction, and vision for the upcoming school year. I will…

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Empower my students as learners and reflective, critical thinkers. 


Make learning fun, collaborative, and rewarding.

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Provide students with opportunities and choice in their education (and maintain a sense of humor in the process).

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Inspire intellectual curiosity in seekers of knowledge. We must take time to read, research, explore, and create.

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Be a compassionate supporter of imaginative innovators whom challenge themselves, take risks, and strive to attain their vision.

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Lead the way…be a guide for my students, explore new routes with my department, and model best practices educators in our district.

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Celebrate the craft of teaching and ingrain the quality of public education.

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Challenge stakeholders to UNTHINK their perceptions of school. Break old habits and escape the limitations of traditional thought. Shift from a fixed to a growth mindset. Help students learn with a purpose and stop playing school–to transform point chasers to knowledge seekers (Charity Stephens @differNtiated4u). Know what we are learning each day, why we are learning it, and how to know we learned it. Reconsider our intentions, purpose, and audience. Ask questions: Compliance or curiosity? Human doing or human being? Write for a teacher, self, or greater community of readers? Answer questions, such as, “Why do I have to do this?” and “When am I going to use this in life?” Stakeholders must unite to create a culture of learning.

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Smile when life life seems too complicated, persevere through tests of character, and find strength to escape the jaws of negativity.

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Help others find their passion and understand what is truly important in life. Approach every day with a positive mindset, take nothing for granted, and continue to grow.


*This post was inspired by @teachthought’s Reflective Teaching: A 30-day blogging challenge for teachers and a recent family vacation to Chicago.


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