One Word for 2014: Transcend

Educators throughout my PLN have declared 2014 the year when words and good intentions become actions. I accept the challenge to let #oneword guide my journey. So, as much as I love an inspirational noun, I know I can do better; I need a verb. 2014 is time to act, make a difference, impact TRANSCEND.

One Word 2014

Transcend means “rise above or go beyond; surpass achievement; improve performance; defeat; outdo or exceed in excellence.” Maybe it’s the frigid weather speaking or my turning forty today, but I say, bring it on.

Those who read my last post know I am on a mission–one which has evolved over the last decade, but is now within reach–to create a culture of learning in our community. The solutions I highlight emphasize standards-based learning, a growth mindset, and a shift in priorities to that of student learning.

I will rise above the obstacles of negativity that have become all too commonplace in the educational world. I will go beyond the expectations of the teacher evaluation criteria. Please, provide differentiated staff development options and allow me the freedom to grow at an appropriate pace. I will surpass my past achievement if granted choice, trust, and autonomy–the same respect I grant my students. I will defeat self-doubt and use my voice, even if that means moving beyond my comfort zone, such as publishing this post with little time for revision. EdcampHome was exhilarating, but I do not intentionally put myself on video if given an option. However, taking the opportunity to network with passionate educators from around the world made the experience incredibly rewarding.

edcamphome badgeedcamp setup

If empowered to lead, I will share my knowledge and experience with anyone willing to listen with an open mind. It was an honor being asked to lead GAFE staff development, where faculty members set up a class webpage using Google Sites.

Gsites Training

I want professional development opportunities so I may improve my performance and never feel as if I have all the answers. In fact, #EdcampMadWI is up next. Every week I have the privilege of learning from #COLchat and #SBLchat. I thank all of you who make me better and challenge me to exceed in excellence. Because of you, I am fully prepared for 2014…




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