Design a New Teacher Training Course With #slowchatGSD

Thank you for making week one of #slowchatGSD a success. Congratulations! You have officially added to your digital footprint by taking time to reflect and connect with others. This week presents a new challenge dedicated to project-based learning.

Here is the driving question to guide our project:

How do we design an educational course for new teacher training?

Monday: What would be the course title? Provide a brief description or syllabus.

Tuesday: What would be included in the course’s recommended reading?

Wednesday: Flip the lesson. What video links would you include as additional training?

Thursday (Happy Thanksgiving!): Time to share our gratitude. What colleagues and members of our professional learning network would you recommend to teach course topics? Provide rationale for your choices.

Friday: How do we know our students are ready to enter professional education? Create the culminating project required to pass the course. Those taking #slowchatGSD for honors credit may include a rubric for assessment.

Please join the conversation. Let’s get creative during the long weekend.


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