Starting the Conversation with #slowchatGSD

A number of connected educators are admittedly PD junkies. They crave conversations with other passionate educators, share ideas, seek knowledge, exchange resources, and take part in a global dialogue. Many need the adrenaline rush of an intense hour of a Twitter edchat to ignite their creative drive and keep their job from being anything but mundane. However, not everyone is interested nor ready to participate in Twitter chats. These chats are fast-paced, intimidating for some, time consuming, becoming echo chambers, and, as #slowchated founder David Theriault eloquently concludes, might just plain suck.

There has to be a better solution. Reflection is a necessary component of the educator effectiveness model and required in our evaluation for professional growth. Rather than write privately in journals (I know, really?), let’s share our learning with each other via social media. Twitter provides a convenient medium to microblog; reflections are archived and easily accessible for future reference. So I propose a challenge to educators in the Grafton School District (naturally, all others are welcome and bring friends): join the professional conversation in our school district.

Too busy? No problem–check in at any time throughout the week. Visit as frequently and stay as long as you would like. Topics will be posted and waiting for participants.

Too cool? Maybe…but your involvement will draw others to the conversation.

Too unmotivated? Nonsense. You are an educator.

Not interested? Well, you should be. Educators must use their voices. If we don’t increase our transparency and share our stories, we are at the mercy of public perception and hearsay.

The only commitment needed is to your professional growth. Every week will start with a topic proposed by a moderator (we will have a spreadsheet for those interested in moderating). The moderator will post a new question each day (Q1, Q2, Q3 format). Participants in the discussion should respond to each question (A1, A2, A3…). Please include the hashtag #slowchatGSD at the end of every post.

Beginning Monday, November 17, 2014, the topic will explore the joys of teaching.

Monday: What do you love most about teaching?

Tuesday: Why did you become an educator?

Wednesday: Share some favorite moments and highlights of your teaching career.

Thursday: What are your favorite lessons to teach? Why?

Friday: Let’s celebrate the end of the first week of #slowchatGSD. Share something awesome that happened this week!


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