Go-To Resources for Educators

If I need guidance in planning a potentially award-winning lesson, I could seek the Oracle at Delphi… or I could visit my go-to sites for teacher resources.

1. Twitter

Twitter is a throbbing brain of idea sharing–a waterfall of endless information. Where many abuse the power of social media, it is no surprise that educators are tapping into Twitter’s potential as a professional development tool. If Twitter is the brain, Tweetdeck is the lifeline. It organizes information into categories and lists according to hashtags, people, and topics of interest. Twitter + Tweetdeck = professional transformation.

2. Education Information Networks

Educator’s PLN-Thomas Whitby’s Ning Network includes resources, discussions, videos, and links to top educational blog sites (including TeachThought, ACSD Edge, Edutopia, Teaching Channel). This is where the cool kids hang out.

English Companion Ning-“Where English teachers go to help each other.” This Ning Network is Jim Burke’s answer to Educator’s PLN but focused on teaching literature, reading, speaking, and writing. An intellectual playground for those passionate about symbolism, thematic units, and verbs.

A place to ask questions and get help. A community dedicated to helping you enjoy your work. A cafe without walls or coffee: just friends.

3. Instructional Lesson Supplements

For audio, visual, and mental stimulation, I frequent YouTube, Ted-Ed, Film English, and John Green’s Crash Course vlog. Creative, entertaining, and addictive resources for the short attention spans (myself included). How did I teach before YouTube?

From the genius of John Green

*Day 26: TeachThought #reflectiveteacher 30 day blogging challenge


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