What? Why? How? Trend Setting Questions

Education does not need more pre-packaged trends; it needs more trend setters.

We have reached a point in education where there is opportunity for a transformation–to rethink what we teach, why we teach it, and how we teach it. Some view this shift as a change for the sake of change–to climb aboard the newest school bus. Others envision progress and continuous growth in what we already do well.

But if we already do it well, why change?

Those who ask this question need to study the work of Carol Dweck. If teachers expect students to strive for improvement, they need to model behaviors indicative of a growth mindset.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

What do we teach? We need to establish actionable learning targets with a project-based approach in which students have autonomy, mastery, and purpose with clear standards. We have the power to make education “a little bit better” with what we teach. Daniel Pink shares the impact of teaching with this purpose in mind.

Why do we teach it? I love when students ask teachers to answer this question. If I cannot justify the purpose for a lesson, I must reconsider its value. We, as educators, need to be reminded to answer the question ourselves before students ask. John Hattie provides eight golden rules for educators with his philosophy of visible learning.

How do we accomplish this vision in education? Refer to Rick Wormeli for answers. Pick any video and watch. If we are not approaching planning, instruction, grading, and reporting using standards-based learning, we are doing a students a disservice. We are not making student learning a priority; we are enabling students and parents to continue playing the game of school.

TeachThought #reflectiveteacher Day 24 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge


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