Superhuman or Teacher? Correct

Day 16 @TeachThought #reflectiveteacher 30-Day Blogging Challenge: One Superpower

When I heard Google’s next app for education has something to do with providing teachers with a super power, I started thinking about the possibilities…

Would I want to fly? No, the ceilings are too low and walls too hard.

What about x-ray vision? Ew…gross… Definitely not.

I could use telepathy to assist in differentiation or to read minds. But that could also create a burden of too much information.

Superhuman strength, speed or endless energy would be sweet, but that’s what coffee’s for.

Absolutely no capes! I have a fan in my classroom and know what happens to heroes with capes.

I’m not allowed to have any fire in school–hazardous, they say.

I already possess the parental eye of death (my wife actually shoots laser beams when provoked by our children–it’s wicked impressive).  I also hear high and low frequency whispers from the far corners of the classroom. Another parental gift.

Shooting webs would be rad, but I know–with great power comes great responsibility. I would not want to abuse the privilege by shooting webs at the smart board rather than just pointing out key words. Could put someone’s eye out…

Cloning is too controversial, but what about the ability to separate into multiple forms of myself? I would be so efficient. Multitask Man. Professor of Personalization. The Differentiation Dynamo. I don’t need to send part of me on errands or anything unrealistic like that. I just want to be able to sit down with each student at the same time. Or if that’s too far-fetched, have one of me represented at every table in the classroom to work with groups of students. Planning to personalize learning would be simple and I would have no one waiting for attention (with hand up) from across the room. I would crank out written feedback, conference, and instruct like a boss.

That would be great. Hopefully, someone at Google is already working on this mind-splitting concept during 20% time. Go ahead and call it Google Fission.



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