Day 11: Highlight of the School Day

I try to make a point of greeting students as they enter the classroom. If I can’t catch them at the door, I take a lap from table to table for a quick check in. This greeting is friendly but typically feels rushed as I move to the next group before diving into the day’s adventure.

My favorite part of the school day is making a personal connection with individual students. Unfortunately, our current system does not make this a logistical possibility every day. I get to visit with individuals throughout the day, but in a 45-54 minute class, there is no way to really connect with everyone. So that presents a dilemma.

This is why I cherish the conversation with the last student out of the room–possibly lingering to share a personal experience or make a connection to something we mentioned during class. And I love the moment where a student pulls me aside while the rest of class is writing, or reading, or discussing. I do my best to be available. I leave my door open during my prep period and acknowledge those I pass in the halls.

The runner up to these one-on-one moments is when learning happens and everyone acknowledges it. Enjoying laughs with my department team comes in a close third. They inspire me, challenge me, and brighten my work day.



  1. Martha Milam

    I agree. Making the connection with a student is so valuable, and it’s after these students have finished our course that we realize how much of an impact we have made on them. They come back to visit, they tell us they miss our class,…I am learning to not be “too busy” to talk and that just a moment is all it takes sometimes to create a feeling of openness and warmth. And that comfort is the prelude to learning for many students. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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